About Us

Achieving patient satisfaction is fundamental to our business. We are committed to marketing trusted medicines and making a difference in people’s lives with products of the highest quality.

Built on our industry leadership in prenatal nutrition, our women’s health products span the continuum of women’s needs with prenatal vitamins and symptom relief for menopause for lifelong health and wellness.

For the management and treatment of pain, our goal is to provide safe and effective relief so patients can get back to their lives. Our medications offer novel formulations, which have been a driving force of both physician and patient acceptance.

Our product offerings also include FDA-approved medications to treat ADHD and depression, two central nervous conditions that affect millions of Americans. These are formulated in once-daily doses to encourage medication compliance.

Our History

In 2016, Vertical Pharmaceuticals became a subsidiary of Osmotica Pharmaceuticals. For information on Osmotica, visit www.Osmotica.com.

In 2021, Alora Pharmaceuticals acquired Osmotica Pharmaceuticals to bolster its platform of generic and branded product lines and contribute to the long-term growth of contract research and development and manufacturing capabilities. For more information on Alora, visit www.AloraPharma.com.